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Meet: High Terrain Conversions

Updated: May 21, 2023

Say hello to one of our clients!

High Terrain Conversions was a passion project that started from a shared love of van life and versatility with the goal of proving the van life can be for everyone and anyone in many different ways. As a creative agency, we knew we had the skills and expertise to help turn this idea into a reality.

From the beginning, we worked closely with the two founders to understand their vision for the brand. We developed a logo that combined bold monogram typography that spoke to the brand's name and ethos and a mountain icon captured the adventurous side. With the logo in place, we then moved on to creating promotional material such as business cards and merchandise that would help establish High Terrain Conversions as a professional and trustworthy business.

As the brand took shape, we then built a website that showcased High Terrain Conversions' unique approach to camper van fitouts and drawer systems. We wanted the website to reflect the brand's personality and expertise, while also being easy to navigate and informative for potential customers. To achieve this, we incorporated high-quality imagery and videos that showcased the brand's previous work, along with clear and concise descriptions of the services on offer.

Social media was another key component of High Terrain Conversions' marketing strategy. We helped the brand establish a presence on Instagram, where they could share their latest projects, engage with followers, and connect with potential customers. We developed a content strategy that focused on the lifestyle and aesthetic aspects of van life, as well as touching on the technical details of fitouts and systems.

Over time, High Terrain Conversions has grown into a thriving business that has helped many people achieve their goals, whether that be a comfy weekender, for tool organisation or a rugged four wheel driving experience. It is still early stage but we're proud to have played a part in building this brand from the ground up, and we continue to work closely with the team to refine their branding and marketing efforts as they take on new challenges.

If you're considering a camper van fitout or drawer system for your van or 4WD

, we encourage you to check out High Terrain Conversions and see for yourself what makes this brand so special. With their expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we're confident you won't be disappointed.

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